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High end sound solutions for big and small events

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Small Format

Do not let it size fool you, our small format Void Impulse system packs a punch and is ideal for events from 50 to 350 capacity.


Our flagship Void Arcline system can take your event to the next level with stunning acoustic performance and sleek design.

This system can be deployed in a number of configurations and can cover 300 to 1500 capacity Events

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Our Void Products

Arcline 8

Void Arcline 8

Product Details 

Void's pro-touring line-array speaker,

scalable for event sizes from 300 to 5000 persons. 


  • Designed for both flying and ground stacking.

  • Horn loaded kick-bass section produces fast upper bass bringing kick drums to life.

  • 110 degree dispersion produces wide coherent coverage for the entire audience.  

Arcline Subs

Void Arcline 218 118

Product Details 

Voids all new Pro-touring bass bins.


The Arcline 118 and 218 are designed for performance and scalability, the Arcline system can scale to match the size of any stage.


  • Smooth frequency response for natural sound.

  • 30hz sub bass performance. 

  • Cardioid Array deployments for extended sound control. 



Impulse 4

Void Impulse 4t

Product Details 

Voids Impulse 4 is a high output 


Ideal for club events with audience sizes from 50 to 350 people. 


  • Multi purpose loudspeaker sutiable for DJ Events, Live Music Shows, Public Address, and Foldback Stage Monitors. 

  • Compact and subtle design. 

  • Very high output.

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By flying the Void Arcline 8's and deploying our full arsenal of subs we can cover events with capacities up to ~5000.

Get in contact today and see what we can do for you.

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