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Void Air Motion V2.2

Void Sound System Hire - Air Motion V2.2

Product Details 

With an enclosure made of fiberglass Kevlar composite, the iconic Void Air Motion is one of Voids most recognised speakers. 

This speaker is Voids signature product and is used as the premium solution for our sound system hire's. 

Void has achieved unparalleled sound quality with pin sharp impulse and frequency response, by upgrading to the to the Armonia Plus DSP platform.

Void Sound System Hire - Air Motion V2.2

Event Hire Applications: 

  • Festival Hire 

  • Night Club Hire

  • DJ Sound System

Product Specifications

  • Maximum Output: 134 dB cont / 138 dB peak

  • Driver configuration: 1 x 12" - 1 x 8" - 1 x 1.5"

  • Dispersion 60h x 45v

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