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Hire Void Sound Systems

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Void Acoustics are industry leaders in loudspeaker design and offer a highly refined lineup, which feature world class acoustic performance and aesthetics second to none.


The latest presets from Void are based on Powersofts new DSP platform allowing for the implementation industry leading FIR filters. Producing outstanding impulse and spectral response.

Our Void Products

AirMotion V2


Product Details 

With an enclosure made of fiberglass Kevlar composite, the iconic Void Air Motion is one of Voids most recognised speakers. 

This speaker is Voids signature product and is used as the premium solution for our sound system hire's. 

Void has achieved unparalleled sound quality with pin sharp impulse and frequency response, by upgrading to the to the Armonia Plus DSP platform.

AirTen V2

Air Ten-3.jpg

Product Details 

With an enclosure made of fiberglass Kevlar composite, the AirTen V2 are striking speaker.


Their relatively compact form factor and high output make them an ideal Void Sound System for just about any venue. 

These speakers off exception sound quality and visual impact and are perfect for DJs and Live acts.

Arcline Subs

Arcline Temp.jpg

Product Details 

Voids all new Pro Touring bass bins. The Arcline 118 and 218 are designed for performance and scalability.  

Featuring true 30hz response and massive output these bins are ideal for all sizes of event. 

The Arcline system can scale to match the size of any stage, and through our partnership with Ireland other premium Void supplies we can provide up-to 24 units, enough to cover the largest of stages. 

In addition a variety of sound steering arrays can be designed to keep the sound away from neighbors and on the dance floor where it belongs. 

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