Void Air Motion Sound System

The Void Air Motion Sound System is ideal for clubs and marquees. It features a pair of the iconic Void Air Motion 3-way Mid-Top loudspeakers and a four Void Trinity X Subs. This stylish system has very high performance and standout looks.


  • Venue Size: 100 to 500 Persons

    • Dance Events

    • Weddings ​

    • Festivals 

    • Private Party

    • Corporate Events

System Specifications

  • Power: 8,000W

  • Frequency Response: 28hz to 20Khz

System Components:​

  • 2x Void Air Motion V2.2, Mid-Tops

  • 4x Void Trinity X, Subs

  • 1x Void Bias D2 Power Amplifier

  • 1x Void Bias V9 Power Amplifier

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