Void Trinity X

Void Trinity X
High Output 21" Sub Bass Bins

Trinity X uses a number of new technologies to great effect – it is designed with horn loading to give the system a quick transient response combined with high efficiency. Resonant chamber technology has allowed the low frequency extension to be taken down to 30Hz,.

The Void Trinity X is a perfect complement to Voids signature triple-horn Air Motions and can be configured as 2, 4, 6 or 8 bins depending on your requirements. 

The Void Trinity X also works exceptionally well with our smaller reflex tops in : 1 bin 2 tops or 2 bins 2 tops combinations perfect for small to medium size venues for both Live and DJ use. 

Driver: 21":1500 Watts
SPL: 135 dB cont, 139 dB peak  
Dispersion: Array Dependent
Venue Size: Medium to Large venues.

Bookings and Enquiries

Email: info@mindscape.ie
Phone: 086 346 8171