Void Air Motion V2.2

Void Air Motion V2.2
For Medium to Large Events

The ground-breaking Air Series is one of Void's more provocative designs. The Air Motion system is sought after by ultra-modern dance clubs around the world. Air Motion provides huge sonic impact as well as being a significant visual attraction in its own right.

The revolutionary Air Motion sculpted loudspeaker array is comprised of three optimally-designed transducers, each loaded by an isometric conical horn and housed in a skeletonised format, free from restricting and potentially resonant enclosures. 

Harnessing the excellent inherent sound quality of the conical horn, the propagation is based on the spheroid section and allows for solid radiation angles. 

The benefits are twofold: tight beam width control, giving higher output; and more defined sound quality, due to a decrease in early reflections. Constant directivity is achieved across the horns’ entire dispersion, allowing for an exceptionally balanced waveform transmission.

Power: LF: 500 Watts AES, HMF: 250 Watts AES
SPL: 134 dB cont, 137 dB peak  
Dispersion: 60°H x 50°V
Venue Size: Medium to Large  venues.

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Phone: 086 346 8171