Sound Hire

Void Air Motion V2.2

For Medium to Large Events

The ground-breaking Air Series is one of Void's more provocative designs. The Air Motion system is sought after by ultra-modern dance clubs around the world. Air Motion provides huge sonic impact as well as being a significant visual attraction in its own right.

Void Trinity X

High Output 21" Sub Bass Bins

Trinity X uses a number of new technologies to great effect – it is designed with horn loading to give the system a quick transient response combined with high efficiency. Resonant chamber technology has allowed the low frequency extension to be taken down to 30Hz,.

Macro System

Compact Sound System

This very compact sound system is ideal for use in Pubs, Bars and Private events where high quality sound is required.

Reflex Tops

For Medium sized Dance and Live Events

High output reflex tops with superb sound quality and power handling. Ideal for small to medium size events both in and outdoor.