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  • Sol Barnes

Taking Our Lasers Beyond.

The next level of laser show awaits from Mindscape Event Hire.

We are very pleased to announce that we have moved to the new laser control platform by Pangolin, Beyond.

This very advanced laser control software & hardware allows for the deployment of lasers with a myriad of new effects, live controls and layouts.

It maybe some time until we get our laser out again, during this time we will be exploring the new features of Beyond, while building and refining our laser shows.

Some New Features

  • Chase Effects

  • Crowd Scanning

  • Abstracts

  • Multi Zone Effects

Chase Effects

Chase effects allow for cue data to be sent to individual lasers in turn, by using triggers such as BPM, cue points and manual interruptions. These sort of effects can be used to create pulsating rhythm's of light.

Crowd Scanning

Combined with careful measurements and other safety hardware, Beyond will be used to safely deploy awe inspiring lasers shows that immerse the crowd in light tunnels, waves and sheets.


For a laser show designer, Beyond's advanced abstract generators is one the the most existing places to start. This set of tools gives precise control of complex shapes and patterns, every aspect can be tweaked, delayed and effected like never before. The next step in laser show performance.

Multi Zone Effects

Beyond features advanced zone mapping to which lasers, cues and effects can be assigned. These features allow for lasers to operate individually from each other, producing complex layered effects that can be pre-programmed or mixed live.

Lasers at Your Show

Would you like to find out about adding lasers to your show?

Get in contact and we can make it happen.

Click Here For Our Contact Page




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