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Laser Show Upgrade - Phase Two Complete (Updated 05/06/2020)

Mindscape is very pleased to announce that phase two of our laser show upgrade is complete, representing a major step forward for our industry leading laser shows. That now feature up to 7 Lasers.

Over the coming days we will be providing lots of in-depth details and analyses of our new laser show, in the mean time here are some highlights.

New Hardware

  • New to collection, Two 6.2w Lasers – At nearly double the power, these lasers are capable of projecting massive sheets of liquid sky, complex beam FX and intense hot beams.

  • One More 3.5w Lasers – These additional 3.5w projectors join our existing stock of 3.5w lasers, allowing for arrays of up to 6 projectors.

  • An Additional Six, FB3 Laser Control Modules – Control modules are the key to immersive laser shows, we now have a total of 7 FB3 modules, thats one per laser and allows us to build ever more complex and immersive show elements. Including Laser Chases, Offsets and Mirror FX.

  • RE-B3 Laser Safety and Distribution device – Laser safety has always been a first priority for Mindscape. The RE-B3 meets and exceeds all safety criteria for running lasers at your show.

Integrated Show with Beyond

Phase one of our laser upgraded featured Pangolins industry standard laser control software Beyond 4.0. This powerful software is used throughout the industry on the worlds largest laser shows.

During lockdown Mindscape’s Laserist Sol Barnes has been building a new workflow that will allow for live control of our 8 lasers, for spectacular live shows.

This new workflow will allow for the precise control of the laser in real time, keeping the laser show in sync with the music and feel of the event.

Custom cues, colours and styles can be quickly created for the show and modulated in real time during the event.

Find out more information by clicking this link: Mindscape Lasers

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