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Introducing Void Arcline

We are very pleased to announce that we have now taken delivery of the new Void Arcline pro touring subs. These high output sub-woofers are designed for life on tour, and we just can’t wait to get them out to our favorite venues and festivals.


The Arcline Subs come as both a single 18” or double 18” and we carry both types in our stock. This allows us to scale the bass to meet the needs of each event. Each bin capable of outputting a continues SPL of 130db (single 18”) & 134db (double 18”) and has a frequency response of 30hz to 130hz.


The Arcline subs have been designed to scale allowing us to build arrays from just 1 Bass bin aside all the way up to large festival scale arrays.

Through our partnerships with Ireland's over premium Void suppliers, we are able to deploy bass arrays featuring up-to 24x 18” Subs. Enough to cover the largest of festival stages.

Bass Arrays

Though the use of advanced signal processing and arraying techniques it is possible to deploy the Arcline subs to steer bass away from nearby residences or other areas of noise sensitivity. These techniques allow us to keep the sound on the dance floor.

Need advice on what will sound best for your event?

Get in contact with us, we will be happy to help.

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