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FAQ - Mixing Speakers

In this series of posts, we answer common questions asked by our clients.

Question: Can I add Mindscape's speakers to the speakers that are already in the venue, or to speakers that I own?

Answer: As always, it depends.

There are two common times a client may want to do this.

1) Supplementing the venues bass bins.

2) Covering balconies and smoking areas.

1. Adding Extra Bass Bins

What happens if I use Mindscape’s bass bins with the bass bins in the venue?

Short Answer:

Not Recommended, different types of bass speaker should not be mixed.

Long Answer:

It is likely that using 2 different types of bass speaker will result in the level dropping and increasing in an unpredictable way.

For example, the sound maybe louder at 90hz (upper bass/kick), but missing 40hz (sub), resulting in low quality unbalanced sound that can't be fixed with EQ.

Additional Information

It is possible to ‘design’ a sound system that combines different types of bass bins. This process takes a great deal of time and involves taking measurements of the two speakers and using advanced DSP techniques to match them.

This process can only be done with certain combinations of speakers, some will simply never match.

For the best results, the venue speakers should be switched off if you are hiring in a sound system.

2. Balconies and Smoking Areas.

There is a balcony/smoking area, can we use the venue speakers for the sound in these spaces?

Short Answer:

Probably, yes.

Long answer:

Generally, there will be fewer issue's using the venue speakers for sound in areas away from the dance floor.

Additional Information

Depending on the location it may be necessary to carefully delay the sound so that the audio is clear for those areas being covered by the venue speakers, this will require taking audio measurements and making adjustments.

It may also be necessary to have control over the EQ and level to insure consistent sound.

Before attempting this, it is important to discuss any plans with the venue manager.

Need advice on what will sound best for your event? Get in contact with us, we will be happy to help.

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