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Laser Shows

Nightclubs - Festivals - Corporate

Beams cut through the sky, sheets of liquid light flow down upon the crowd and shapes pulsate to the music. 

Lasers bring something to your show that nothing else can.

Laser Safety

All laser shows produced my Mindscape follow the strict safety protocols set out by the ILDA association. 

These Standards exceed those set out by the HSA and internationally recognised as best practice. 


Don't accept anything less at your event. 

Hardware & Control


  • 10w Full Colour Laser

  • 6.2w Full Colour Lasers 

  • 3.5w Full Colour Lasers

  • Diffraction Lasers

  • Pangolin Beyond Laser Software

  • Pangolin FB3 Interfaces 

  • Pangolin Crowd Scan Safety Lense

  • RE-B3 Laser Safety

  • Midi Controllers 

  • Bounce Mirrors

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Laser Shows by Mindscape

Nightclubs, Festivals, Corporate; laser shows add an element like no other lighting effect can. 

If you are are looking to raise the profile of you event our laser beam shows are the solution.

All our shows are custom designed by our in house laserist and ran live for the duration of the event.


Our laser shows and effects can run in time with the music or be choreographed to a pre defined show, creating deep atmospheric breakdowns, exhilarating build ups and massive drops. 

Venue Deployment's and Installations

We provide laser shows for small, medium and larger venues, that can be ran standalone or integrated as part of a full lighting show. 

Our shows can be specifically designed to fit the venue and the style of show you are producing. 

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Laser Hardware

1x 10w Full Colour Laser

The center piece of our laser show, this very high power laser is capable of producing massive bright sheets, waves and liquid sky's, projecting beams over a large space.

2x 6.2w Full Colour Lasers

These high power laser are capable of producing very high intensity beams in medium to large spaces and typically form, producing powerful laser effects and awe inspiring liquid sky's.  

5x 3.5w Full Colour Lasers 

These lasers form the backbone of our laser shows, creating complex beam displays that immerse the audience in light.


2x Diffraction Lasers

Diffraction lasers are created by shining the laser light though a diffraction grid creating hundreds of beams. These are very safe and easy to deploy adding atmosphere and movement to small events. 


Bounce Mirrors   

Bounce Mirrors can be set up though-out the venue and directly targeted creating arrays of beams that can surround the dance floor. We all so have special FX Mirrors that can be used to create bursts of beams.

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Laser Control

Pangolin Beyond Advanced - Laser Control Software

Beyond is the industry standard in laser control software, it offers unparalleled features and tools, you will find Pangolin Beyond at the heart the worlds largest laser shows.

Pangolin FB3 / FB4 - Laser Control Hardware

Pangolins FB3 and FB4 control hardware are used to control groups of lasers, the more you have the more you can do. We run our lasers 1 to 1 with controllers meaning each laser can be individually controlled. 

Midi Controllers

Mindscape has designed a workflow that uses multiple midi controllers based custom designed midi maps that give the Laserist real time multi touch control of the lasers throughout the show. 

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Laser Safety

All Mindscapes laser shows are designed, deployed and ran by their in house laser specialist and follow a strict set of safety protocols that meets or exceeds those set out by the HSA.


At every show our safety protocol is followed and includes; 

  • A H&S analyses takes place and is recorded online. 

  • Category 0 and Category 2 kill switches are used. 

  • All equipment follows the Fail Safe principle.

  • Control software is password protected to stop unauthorised access.

RE-B3 Laser Safety and Distribution

The RE-B3 provides the ultimate safety and distribution solution. It provides 'Category 2' and 'Category 0' kill switches & 'Fail Safe' that will atomically kill output to the lasers if fault in the system is detected. 

This device meets and exceeds the requirements set out by the HSA for laser safety.

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