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Our Story

Void Sound System - Air Motion - Trinty X

Mindscape have a passion for events that drives everything they do.

Mindscape work closely with promoters, event managers, venue managers and party organisers to bring your show to life, by providing an array of sound, light, laser and stage solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.

Who we are

Leading the team is Sol Barnes,


Sol has worked in the industry for over 16 years and has extensive experience running sound and lighting for dance and live music events, from small private parties to large festival stages. Sol has designed and deployed hundreds of sound systems across Ireland and Europe and will be able to advise you on what options will work for your event.

Adding to this experience, Sol holds a degree in Music Technology and Production and is an enthusiastic Laserist and DJ.​

Clients & Artists

Over the years Mindscape has provided sound and light for more events, promoters and performers than could possibly list. Here are some highlights:


The Orbital
Trench Town, E.P.
LIT Stage, Fuinneamh
Hidden Relic
Nancy Live
Room Two
Mauro Picotto

Our Products

Mindscape source the very best products from across the industry, providing outstanding quality and reliability from brands such as Void Acoustics, Powersoft, Midas, Shure, Yamaha, Pangolin, Rational Acoustics, DAS Light and much more. 

Featured Products

Void Trans.png

Loudspeakers from Void make up the backbone of Mindscape's hire stock and installation products.


Mindscape have been using Void speakers since 2008, when they took delivery of the flagship Stasys sound system. 


Since then they have kept up to date with the latest cutting edge speakers and amplifiers from Void.


The latest presets from Void are based on Powersofts new dsp platform allowing for the implementation of industry leading FIR filters, producing outstanding impulse and spectral response.


Pangolin are world leaders in laser control and offer an array of products for spectacular and safe laser shows.

Mindscape's laser shows are second to none and it's Pangolin that gives the control to run these complex high power laser shows safely. 


The brains behind the sound measurement software Smaart. This software is the key component for sound system deployment, be it a festival stage or a coffee shop install. 

This is the tool that allows Mindscape to bring sound quality to the next level.

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